Roofwire.com was started by a roofer named Brian who wondered why the process of buying shingles was different from the process of buying so many other things in his life. Brian enjoyed vacation cruises and he had his pick of websites from which to choose the destination, the port, the duration of the cruise, the cruise line, and he could see the price of the cruise right on his phone. If he could do this with something as variable and regulated as purchasing international cruise travel, why couldn’t he do something similar with something as static as purchasing roof shingles? After all, he spent a lot more money on shingles every year than he did on cruises. Brian discovered that the old way of buying shingles was overdue for change. The internet that had transformed the way we buy so many things could bring huge efficiency and transparency gains to roofing material distribution. The idea that became Roofwire.com was born.

Now, Roofwire.com is making saving money easy for all roofers. Our goal is to save roofers money and time. We hope you’ll find that our free Materials Quote, Quick Estimate, and Today’s Roofing Deals tools do just that. If you have a feature you’d like to see added, please email Brian directly at Brian.Gullett@Roofwire.com.